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Few Notes From the Game...

The game was originally scheduled to be on ESPN360 but there were some issues with that so it didn't happen.

The Florida game will be at Noon. I'll be doing a Q&A with the guys at EDSBS this week and they will be doing one with me as well. It's a very light-hearted affair and we do a lot of poking fun at each other.

Antone Smith went down with a dislocated elbow and he will be out for the season.

FSU appears to be headed to the Emerald Bowl in either San Francisco or Seattle (I forgot)...good tickets will be available soon.

Xavier Lee had "JB" stenciled into his eye black today. It's been pretty obvious to all that one of Lee's biggest supporters was Jeff Bowden and part of the reason why he resigned was because BB went over his head and decided to start Weatherford.

Roger Williams picked off his fourth interception, a team high.

Greg Carr scored his 10th touchdown of the season and I believe no FSU receiver has ever had back-to-back seasons of 9 touchdowns or more.