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Strange Day....

....I wonder what the people who criticized Rutgers and Louisville for their "defensive embarassment" thought of the OSU-Michigan game that saw 82 points and 900 yards of offense.

....My five Heisman invitees are Troy Smith, Brady Quinn, Steve Slaton, Darren McFadden and Colt Brennan.

....See-ya Rutgers. BCS giveth and BCS taketh away.

....Gator fans will ignore the fact that they played one of the 10 worst teams in Division I-AA that's WINLESS in the Southern Conference and bitch about USC's slim victory over Top 20 Cal.

....With Antone Smith out for the season, FSU needs to get Jamaal Edwards and Marcus Sims and Matt Dunham ready to run the ball. Booker ain't gonna get it done if it's going to get done.

....Sure Arkansas clinched the SEC West but who actually thinks they are a better team than LSU? Not I.

....Tim Tebow might be Superman in Gainesville, but he'll never be half the spread option QB that West Virginia's Pat White is.

....Gary Cismesia has missed four field goals in a row.

....South Florida reminds me of FSU right before they went on that run from 1987-2000. The Bulls are tough on defense and play with a lot of heart. Still not good enough to keep up with the Joneses, but definitely in the Top 50 range.

....FAM-U! FAM-U! FAM-U!