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Roster Update/Analysis (Offense)

There have been enough changes on offense that I think it's time to rundown who's starting, who's backing up, who else is on scholarship and who should be playing more (in my opinion at least).

Quarterback: After Saturday we'll know whether Xavier Lee is going to be a permanent fixture at the QB position for the rest of the season or not. If Lee falters, the "injured" Drew Weatherford will be there ready to play.

Behind them, freshmen D'Vontrey Richardson and Christian Ponder are going through their redshirt season and will find for their 3rd-string spot during the spring practices.

It doesn't appear that FSU is recruiting another quarterback but there were rumblings that the Seminole coaches were interested in Mike Paulus from Syracuse, New York. I believe that interest came from the feeling that Lee was ready to transfer. If FSU doesn't get a QB this year they will actively recruit one next year.

Running Back: Jeff Bowden said that Antone Smith will probably get a larger share of carries this weekend. This might be a situation similar to what the Noles did in 2001 where Nick Maddox started but Greg Jones finished the game.

Jamaal Edwards has missed most of the last two seasons due to redshirt and injury. Popular opinion is he will transfer in the offseason. Marcus Sims is not moving to linebacker so he's going to have every opportunity to get carries in 2007 whether Edwards is here or not.

FSU is looking to recruit two backs and has focused on the uber-talented Noel Devine from North Fort Myers. Devine is an amazing talent but his grades are a concern. There are several other backs FSU is interested in as well.

Wide Receivers: This is an interesting area. Chris Davis has recently emerged as the go-to receiver on the team and of course it's during the tail end of his career in Tallahassee. Greg Carr has caught touchdowns, but hasn't shown the consistency (or hands) that coaches were hoping to see. De'Cody Fagg is most consistent with his catching and his blocking, but he's been suffering from nagging injuries for the last two seasons that have kept him from breaking out.

Joslin Shaw is an interesting prospect. He's probably the unit's best and most aggressive blocker and he's one of the hardest workers. He could be one to watch next season. Richard Goodman is deep in the doghouse and I wouldn't be surprised if he quietly transferred after losing his spot to freshmen Preston Parker and Damon McDaniel.

As for recruiting. FSU is prepared to bring in a sizable recruiting class that could feature All-Americans Arrelious Benn and Alphonso Bryant. They already have commitments from Dionte Allen of Michigan and Cameron Wade of Georgia.

Tight End: Brandon Warren is the type of multipurpose threat at tight end that doesn't come across very often. He's athletic, powerful and fast. It'll be interesting to see if Caz Piurowski sticks at tight end or tries to develop into an offensive lineman. Charlie Graham seems content to be the blocking tight end on double tight packages and short-yardage situations.

FSU wasn't very good at recruiting tight ends for much of the last 10 years so I expect that won't be a concern for the 2007 class and maybe not even 2008.

Offensive Line: The left side of the line (including center John Frady) has held up nicely. The right side hasn't been so good. Cory Niblock has been usually inconsistent while Shannon Boatman has been beaten terribly at times. David Overmyer...hmmm, more times then not something bad happens when he's in the game.

The depth just isn't there too. Daron Rose looks capable to replace Henderson as the left tackle of the future and Dumaka Atkins will start at center or right guard next year. No one else in the two deep appears to be ready to start and I don't feel like Overmyer will start next year.

FSU is trying to load up on lineman but the top line prospects have not been attracted to FSU or embattled line coach Mark McHale. Time and time again he's struck out on the top prospects and looks to be building from secondary guys that will have to redshirt.

That being said there are a couple of nice signs. Will Furlong has committed and could be solid. Zach Hillery committed last year and will try to enroll in 2007 but he's a project. FSU is looking at a prospect I like in Branden Curry, a tackle prospect from Boyd Anderson, a school known for impressive linemen.

Still I'm sure FSU wanted to make a big splash in that area and probably will not as the state's two top prospects -- James Wilson and LaShawn Pouncey, are going elsewhere.