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Thoughts on Weatherford, JB, etc.

Ok, it's been long enough and I've got to get ready to cook for Thanksgiving over the next day in the a half so I'm going to outline each of them.

Weatherford Starts: No one really knows what to think of this one (You can say your piece in the poll). I mean Weatherford didn't grade higher and he didn't play much last week. At first it was because Lee was better off the bench but the coaches have since backtracked and said it was due to experience.

Experience at what?

Experience as a starter?

Experience at playing Florida?

What experience are they talking about?

Bottom line is if they think they Lee will be better three series into the game, that's fine. But after this charade is over, they need to pick a starter. If they are worried that Lee is a slow starter, he'll have to work out of it.

What if Drew comes in and gets back-to-back three and outs and say the Gators take a 10-0 lead. Are they going to bring in Xavier and ask him to save the day?

I don't think this is some clever switcheroo to get Florida to prepare for two QBs because Drew isn't hard to prepare for. He isn't mobile, he can't throw the ball very far and he has a tendency to throw in coverage. Besides they beat a Weatherford team 34-7 last year and he hasn't gotten any better. He's probably regressed.

Bowden, Jeff and the Fans: Bobby Bowden finally snapped during his Sunday breakfast and basically blamed the fans and of course the ebay for Jeff's resignation. Of course it had nothing to do with the last six years of problems, which have been glaring in the last three years. Here's the great quote:

"Because you all ignited it, you listen to eBay and e-mail and all that junk, and you all kept writing about it and that fans it and makes it grow and grow, and it becomes a cancer. That's why."

Ahh yes, that damn ebay.

Seriously don't know you, it's the fault of the media. If they didn't write about FSU's inepititude on offense and those losses than none of the fans would've known.


You know why the fans stop coming to games. It isn't because of the losses. It's because they are tired of being insulted. They've been called Playstation All-Americans, they've been called impatient, they've been called clueless. They've been insulted by the head coach of this program for week after week. Basically he wants you to show up, help pay his salary (and his son's buyout) and shut up.

The fans have expectations, they want to win, they want to succeed, they want to see the players succeed, they want to see the coach succeed. So blame it on the media, blame it on the players, blame it on the internet superstore, but don't blame the fans because it isn't their fault.

Florida isn't that good: This game will be a lot closer than you think even with Weatherford starting at QB, mark my words.