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Post FSU-Florida Thoughts

It's been a long 30 hours or so, from the drive to Tallahassee, the beautiful day, the less-than-beautiful game to the ride home this morning. I'm tired and worn out.

The defense should feel the same way. Lawrence Timmons, you are the man. Kid has my respect 100X over. One of my faithful readers and contributors wanted Tim Tebow to meet Timmons and he did.

Bottom line this was Chris Leak's game. For all those out there who say how smart and accurate and celebral Drew Weatherford is...Chris Leak is a celebral, Chris Leak is an accurate quarterback. Chris Leak knows how to work all spots on the field.

The first half was atrocious. Do the offensive coaches even have different plays for Drew and Xavier? Or is the whole damn game scripted. Ok, they bring in Lee and run him from the "I" three series in a row.

Of course Lee isn't very productive from the I because he likes to see the field and FSU can't run.

So Drew comes back in since he was lighting it up and the roll him out from the shotgun? Which allows him to use his non-existant mobility and get sacked.

Bobby Bowden mentioned he wants an OC that will work with his philosophy. First he needs an intervention because his philosophy SUCKS!

ESPNEWS said Drew Weatherford played awful. That's strong, he certainly played poorly and seems in over his head. Nine touchdowns, 21 interceptions versus teams with winning records and that includes Rice.

Xavier Lee needs to go. God knows he didn't light it up with the time he was given although the only pass he was allowed to throw down the field was dropped (thanks Greg Carr).

Not that the receivers did Drew much better. Brandon Warren's non-catch might've been a high ball but he's gotta catch it.

This is a pathetic offensive football team and the entire staff needs to be replaced. There needs to be a real deal quarterback competition in the spring with the new offensive coordinator going with who he feels will be the best option.

And Bobby Bowden needs to stay far away from the proceedings. This isn't the time for favorites. He plays Drew because Drew is his boy. If has nothing to do with experience or intelligence or god knows effectiveness. It's because Drew is his boy and he's loyal and stubborn to the point of where this program is dying before our eyes.

The Emerald Bowl will be the last time we see Jeff Bowden and hopefully the last time was see Billy Sexton, Mark McHale and especially Daryl Dickey. And hopefully it's the last time Bobby Bowden bothers to mess with the offense again.

It wasn't the fans fault, it wasn't the media's fault, it wasn't the ebay's fault. The offense sucked because of poor coaching and a guy who would rather play his favorites over the good of the team.