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More Random Thoughts After Watching the FSU-UF Replay

I still can't get over the first half of that game offensively. 55 total yards and probably the worst half of football ever for FSU on offense. Drew was terrible, X was terrible. Drew was running the offense from the shotgun, X was running it from the 'I formation'. Booker looked perfectly inept.

I'm really not sad to see Booker leave. He's finally conformed to playing some slot late in his career but he half-assed it when he did. I wonder how he'll perform in the Senior Bowl when he asked to move to the slot?

Drew's arm sucks. No nice way to put it. He has limited arm strength and doesn't have a clue how to throw a deep ball. Case in point on the De'Cody Fagg catch that was overruled (incorrectly) on replay...Fagg was AT LEAST two steps ahead of the DB and had Drew thrown a liner it was an easy touchdown. Instead he throws him wing-n-prayer jump ball which forces Fagg to adjust four times to try to stay in bounds. Drew has no speed on the ball he throws now. It's all loft and that's why 90% of his passes are high.

On the good end, I've heard from enough people that the new offensive coordinator will also be a quarterback coach. Bye Daryl Dickey, don't let the door hit you on the ass.

Zone blocking is ignorant. It's stupid at the college level. There's a reason why it works at the pro level and that's because defenses are so fast and SMART that the offense has to figure out ways to fool them. In college defenses ain't that smart and can be pushed over.

That being said there is only one good lineman in the FSU program right now, 2007 left tackle Daron Rose. That's it. John Frady is awful. Jacky Claude is servicable and I think Dumaka Atkins has potential. But Shannon Boatman and David Overmyer are terrible as well.

In the end I hope Bobby Bowden is happy, rather than listen to someone else who cares about winning as much as he claims to care, he continues to lose and prove he has total control over the program. Congratulations, I hope you can walk with your head high now that 30 years of your work has been you. Be proud. Be happy you showed those fans, that media and that damned internet superstore!

And now the basketball team is pissing me off. I should give up Seminole sports for the rest of 2006.