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Hoops Not Making Me Feel Better...

...whistle FSU commits another turnover.

It's hard to run a 3 and 4-guard set in college without guys who can dribble and shoot. Turnover. Turnover. Turnover. Turnover. Turnover.

Now I don't believe this season is a lost cause at all. They lost to two Top 15 teams on the road and they were clearly not ready for either. On Sunday the Gators are going to be tough even without Corey Brewer.

First of all this team is REALLY athletic and could do a lot of damage if they don't continue to shoot themselves in the foot. So here's my suggestion on offense.

-- Run everything through Thornton with Douglas and Rich as his main wing guys.

Al is the only guy who can draw a double on this team so the ball has to go through him on offense and let him find the open guy for the jumper. Douglas and Rich are the two most reliable ballhandlers and can get him the ball every time down.

This solves two problems:

-- Scoring: Al can score.

-- Poor Shot Selection: Al can find the open man and get them open looks.

Meanwhile the big men have to do less searching for their shot around the top of the key and more dirty work. Echefu needs to forget about shooting four 3-pointers a game. He needs to get inside, grab rebounds, alter shots and try to score on putbacks. Same with Ryan Reid although Reid is better at this then Echefu.

I say don't give up on this squad. They just need confidence. They will win 21 games.