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The Weekend That Was

X-Lee Week 2 Watch: Xavier Lee wasn't as sharp in Week 2 of his ever-growing FSU legacy as the offensive playcalling in the first half absolutely sucked. It was basically run for short gain on first down, run for short gain on second down and throw on third and long for the first five possessions. In the second half the coaches decided to open things up on first and second down and 'X' completed 8-of-10 passes i  the half. Bowden was noncommittal, of course, about Lee's next start, but it'll happen.

Marcus Thomas...GONE: You've got to do a LOT to get kicked off of Urban's team so let me guess that this might be deeper than Thomas' affection for the sticky icky. Next stop for Thomas will be the first day of the NFL draft which will immediately be followed with a year-long suspension stemming back from allegations made about his drug use in college from a ex-girlfriends former roommate (I think that's the NFL's drug policy in a nutshell).

Attention marijuana plants -- GET IN HIS BELLY!.

LSU Wins SEC Belt: Instead of trophies or other items of agricultural or mechanical use (like in the Big 10), the SEC should have championship belts as trophies. Today LSU won the IBF SEC belt in a battle of wills with Tennessee. As the IBF champion LSU can now stake claim as being the best team with the most meaningless belt.

OSU, Michigan Has ABC Sweating: But alas they survive to fight another week. Michigan holds off the highly-touted (heh) Ball State and OSU learns what many already know about teams coached by Ron Zook. They give a lot of effort and lose a lot of games.

Next for FSU: Wake Forest and another chance to beat a team with a winning record.

Mark This Down: Larry Coker will be fired by midweek, the Hurricanes will elevate Randy Shannon for the rest of the year and start a full-court press on Greg Schiano.

Early Blogpoll Top 5: 1) Ohio State, 2) Louisville, 3) Michigan, 4) Florida, 5) California.