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Thoughts on Louisville-Rutgers

You know, I saw great speed, athleticism, big plays on special teams, a great running attack, an exciting ballgame with a team being carried by their home-field advantage.

And it wasn't even in the SEC gasp.

I don't get it. I saw tonight's game and I saw Saturday's LSU-Tennessee game. Both great games but I certainly didn't see where the SEC's game was at some unreachable echelon for a high-ranked Big East school.

Rutgers is good. Louisville is good. West Virginia is good. There's solid depth in the Big East and the top three teams can compete with anyone.

How many SEC, Big XII or Big 10 schools could force Louisville to punt seven times in a row and hold them scoreles in the second half?

I'm not saying Rutgers should be next in line for the BCS championship, but if they beat Cincinnati and win on the road at West Virginia, why shouldn't they be given consideration. Isn't the ultimate goal to go undefeated in a major conference.

Three of the hottest coaches in the nation are in the Big East. All three have already broken through the glass ceiling with it comes to recruiting for their programs (especially in the state of Florida).

I'm not saying the Big East is the best conference in the BCS, it isn't. But it DEFINITELY isn't the worse and it's time to admit that the best in the Big East can compete with anyone in the nation.

Congratulations to Rutgers and coach Greg Schiano. If you ever get a chance to hear this guy talk to recruits or run a practice, he'll have you ready to suit up.