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Week in Review

A little late for a Monday, but take what you can get :).

Recruiting: The season to woo and sell kids on the program is getting hot and as you could guess, many of the nation's top talent are shying away from FSU until further notice. Mainly because of the offensive coordinator search. That being said the defensive side continues to thrive because that's where the good recruiters are. Highly-touted Jamar Jackson recently committed to the Seminoles. While offensive lineman Chet Hartley chose Kansas over FSU. Yes, average offensive linemen named Chet don't even want to play for Mark McHale.

Offensive Coordinator: FSU dodged two bullets when Jimbo Fisher was named the top candidate for both the UAB and Louisiana Tech job but failed to get either. This makes me believe he's all but delivered to FSU for at least a year. If he does a terrific job in year one with the Seminoles, expect this head-coaching hunt to resume for him.

Basketball: The basketball team plays lowly High Point this evening as the non-conference schedule will come to a close soon. The team has played well since the victory over Florida. They are running more of the offense through Thornton and Douglas. This is a good thing.

Emerald Bowl QB: Bowden hasn't announced one yet but if he started Weatherford in the Florida game I doubt he'd make a switch now. It's ok Xavier, better things lie in your future.