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Ahh the Emerald Bowl...

...I haven't really talked much about this game because...well there isn't much to talk about and I'm sure the good folks at Bruins Nation are plotting their next move to get Karl Dorrell fired despite winning 10 games last year and earning the biggest victory in the program's history since the 80s.

Not a Good Matchup: UCLA has a fast defense with really good defensive ends which will render Drew Weatherford completely useless (yeah yeah, I don't know where Weatherford is useful at yet...but I'll find a place). And the Bruins' offense, while nothing great, can score enough to win (i.e. 14 points).

Will Jeff Get the Book: Since he's spent most of his six years with his dad annoying the shit out him and an inept staff of assistants, I'm wondering if Jeff Bowden will finally get the opportunity to be the offensive coordinator.

Last Time for Timmons?: I'm saying this will be Lawrence Timmons last game. I think his draft projections will be between Top 10-20 and I don't see the need to return when there are so many questions about this team.

Any more thoughts?