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FoxSports: FSU QBs Rate at #6

Basically the criteria for Eric Moneypenny's (He looks like Brad from "Adventures in Babysitting") list is to be at least two-deep in quality at the QB spot with a returning starter and a back-up that can really do something. He also added "a hotshot freshman" to the criteria to include the Gators at #8.

Sure, in a terribly tough new ACC, Florida State doesn't quite have the same elbow room to stay the juggernaut it once was throughout the 1990s. What they DO have at the quarterback position are two talented sophomores that could walk in and start right away for at least 80 percent of the Division I teams: Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee.

Last year, Weatherford broke Philip Rivers' ACC freshman record for pass yards, and Lee made some big plays with his arm in mop-up duty. Now that they're both redshirt sophomores, the entire Bowden family (North Florida branch) can sleep well knowing their quarterback situation is a little more stable than it was this time last year after Wyatt Sexton left the team.

As much as I like hearing this I heard this all before going into the 2002 season about Chris Rix and his development. He had a better freshman season (high completion percentage, more touchdowns, fewer interceptions, etc.) than Weatherford. Color me cautious if you must. I have great expectations for Weatherford (and Lee).

The rest of the story is here