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Jon Beason Needs a Hug...

...because he's angry, angry I say, the FSU will go into the 2006 season as the defending ACC champions.

"They're wearing my ring," Beason went on, his voice rising. "I feel like they're 7-5 and they have a conference championship ring. Seven and five? That's unheard of! That's almost not even .500."

His ring? I guess he forgot about the loss to Georgia Tech last season that lost "his ring" for him. Or maybe the charter member of the 7th floor crew forgot that impressive showing against LSU. There was no team that was a bigger disappointment down the stretch than the 'U'.

Run a little faster next time Jon

Anyway, Buster Davis always the comic, puts everything into perspective.

"I look at it like this," Davis said. "Everybody had 11 games on the schedule last year. Everybody had ample opportunity to win the conference. If they wanted to win the conference, their side of the division, they could have gotten to the championship game. They fell short of that."


The full story, compliments of Emily Badger from the Orlando Sentinel, is right here.