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Alabama Paper Ranks FSU 10th...of all time

The Tuscaloosa News is ranking the Top 25 college programs of all time and the Seminoles came in at number 10, thanks solely on the 31-year work done by Bobby Bowden.

Overall the Noles ranked 1st in players in the NFL (!!) and 3rd in recruiting. They were lower in some areas but overall the highest ranked Florida school in this poll with Florida coming in at 12th and Miami at 16th. I personally would've put Miami above Florida due to Miami's great success over the last 25 years, but that's neither here nor there. Florida rankd a spot above Nebraska as well which REALLY surprised me.

Although they haven't announced #1 yet, I've got a sneaking suspicion considering it's an Alabama paper. It won't be Notre Dame or Michigan.

Story is right here