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The Charlotte Observer says the ACC is failing to live up to large expectations, citing the disappointment that has been Miami;

The Hurricanes lost to North Carolina. They were supposed to be a super power but, like Florida State, they no longer are elite. Miami ended its season by losing 40-3 to Louisiana State and losing four assistant coaches. Another was run off earlier.

The North Carolina schools;

The North Carolina programs are abysmal. Duke is supposed to be abysmal, and the Blue Devils always live up or down to that standard. Wake Forest also has an excuse. The Deacons are supposed to win only when they play Duke and Clemson.

and Clemson.

Clemson always looks good before the season. Then the season begins. The Tigers are never as good as you expect them to be.

You can read the rest here.

Meanwhile Mark Long of the Associated Press says the conference is walking tall after another year of strong TV ratings, a reorganized bowl system and a successful first year of full expansion.

The conference had the second best RPI in the nation, five teams ranked at the end of the season AND had 15 of the first 37 players picked in the NFL draft (USC had the other 22 players in case you are wondering.

Story is here.

So what's the verdict on the expanded ACC? Smart idea or bad idea?