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Bunkley, Not Signed, Not Arrested...

....and the complete polar opposite of one particular teammate.

In one of those bizarre situations that seem to be the byproduct of an Internet and talk radio-dominated age, Bunkley's supposed arrest for possession of a handgun while crossing into New Jersey from Philadelphia was trumpeted and debated throughout Eagles Nation yesterday morning.

One problem: Bunkley, the Birds' unsigned first-round draft choice, had not been arrested. Instead, it turned out that Eagles wide receiver Jabar Gaffney was arrested last month, after being stopped for rapid lane changes on the Walt Whitman Bridge. Gaffney had a gun in his glove compartment, properly registered in Texas, where Gaffney lived and played for the Houston Texans before signing as a free agent with the Eagles in March, but illegal for him to carry in New Jersey, where he currently lives.

We won't knock Jabar for this particular violation (believe me there are plenty of others to mock him over), but hopefully Bunk will put his Gator teammate in his place when he arrives on camp.

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