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CFN's FSU Preview

The main preview is right here. Overall I thought they did a decent job in some aspects, but you always get the feeling that the guys deal with so many schools that they don't truly research any of them.

A couple of notes on the main bar:

-- Sadly I don't believe the season will only be considered a success if the Noles are playing for the national title. I do believe it would be a hell of an accomplishment. But I'm worried about road games against Miami and N.C. State and to be honest, there's a potential slip up in the schedule that we don't see right now.

-- Drew Weatherford as ACC Player of the Year? Well I want into a breakdown of Weatherford's stats in a previous post. I think the world of Weatherford and I hope he blows up this year, but the overall body of work isn't as impressive when you look at who the majority of the touchdowns were thrown against.

-- David Overmyer is the ninth best player on the team? Huh.

More below the jump.

The offensive breakdown is interesting as well:

-- It's hard for me to just jump out and say Weatherford is the best QB in the ACC or going to be the best QB in the ACC because I've seen this before...four years comment.

-- David Overmyer the anchor of the line? Uhhh, no. Apparently the coaches thought so highly of his performance they recruited a JuCo to replace him and moved him to compete with Matt Hardrick for a backup guard.

-- They should've saved the Overmyer praise for John Frady, who finished second in the overall performance index last week and is one of the most consistent and productive linemen on the team.

-- Geoff Berniard got all the work at right guard during the spring? Tell that to Overmyer who was moved to the position so offensive line coach Mark McHale could work with his best five lineman.

-- Joslin Shaw and De'Cody Fagg are "neck and neck" for a starting position. I guess they are about as neck and neck as a 6'3 player and a 5'11 player can be.

-- CFN was, however, right on in their observation of Greg Carr. He needs to be a big player in big games. Hopefully his performance against Virginia Tech last season was a sign of things to come.