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Leak's Latest Goal...

...He said he'd win four national titles.

...He said he'd win multiple SEC titles.

...He said he'd stay single until he won any title.

...Now Chris Leak makes his final promise...


"That's how many touchdowns I want to throw because ever since high school, I've always had the expectations of me throwing a lot of touchdowns and putting my guys in the right position to make plays," Leak explained.

"I've talked to my receivers about that; that's what they want to do. When you're at that productivity, that's what you want offensively. Those are the goals; that's what we're shooting for."

Meanwhile away from Chris Leak's dreamland, the evil No. 7 unveils his dastardly plans.

"If that's controlling his thoughts, then he's not going to play quarterback at Florida," Meyer said. "I told him that and he knows that.

"Our objective is very simple: You win, and that may mean handing off to the tailback."

Well it looks like Tomahawk Nation has it's first weekly update segment of the 2006 season.


Chris Leak scrambles for the first of 50 touchdowns.