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Training Camp: After Week One

A quick rundown on things I've seen and heard about at Training Camp during the first week:

Who's Hot

Lawrence Timmons: He continues to destroy everything in his path. Between the thuds and the pads, he's a collision freak.

John Frady: He has really distanced himself from Dumaka Atkins early in the competition for center and has dominated board drills.

Mario Henderson: It's nice to see the offensive linemen impressing very early. Henderson and Frady are definitely going to be the anchors for this line.

Richard Goodman: For the second year in a row Goodman has been next to unstoppable in practices. This year he promises it will translate over to the game.

Who's Not

Kendrick Stewart: This bugs me because he's one of my Polk County boys but he struggled in board drills and begins the second week on the sideline with a rolled ankle. I expect he will come back with vengence.

The Kickers: Once again, this group is struggling to hit field goal from the mid-30s. I don't feel confident in either Cismescia or Gano during crunch time.

Open Competition Update

Tight Ends: Brandon Warren and Caz Piurowski have separated from Charlie Graham due to their ability to make plays. Warren has also had strong outings in blocking drills.

Offensive Line: John Frady will win the center position and it has nothing to do with anything Baraka Atkins may be doing wrong. Frady has been dominating. At the right guard position Cory Niblock and David Overmyer are practicing with the first team and Niblock appears to have the inside track.

Defensive Tackle: Paul Griffin has looked exceptional and LeTroy Guion may have the second team spot sewed up even though he hasn't practiced yet. Kendrick Stewart has struggled and is injured. Aaron Jones is also out with an ankle injury.

Free Safety: Anthony Houllis is game, but again, it's probably just a matter of time for Myron Rolle and he's been practicing with the first-team defense for a while.

Other Notes

-- Ever since I said Christian Ponder looks lost, he's looked a lot better. Good job Christian.

-- The offensive line has won the board battles, but that doesn't shock me too much since the drills limit the defensive line's ability to utilize its speed.

-- The defensive backs have really been strong not that the pads are on. Very physical group.