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Opinions of yesterday's scrimmage..

...the kicking scrimmage was nothing short of spectacular. I don't believe any of the three kickers (yes there was a Chase Goggans sighting as well) missed.

My main problem with the scrimmages is that the first teams go against the second team. So you see Weatherford going 12-for-15 or something and you think, "Awesome", but the second-team secondary is mostly freshmen so it's still very good but it lessens the impact.

Now I like FSU's second-team secondary, but there are no Brandon Meriweathers or Kenny Phillips on there.

Same with the first-team defense against the second-team offense. How good is the second-team offensive line these days? Not great I would assume so when a guy like Everette Brown gets five sacks...again it sounds good.

None the less Brown had an excellent scrimmage and is really putting the heat on Burston. On the good end there don't appear to be many injuries.