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Scrimmage Updates

Both Xavier Lee (Saturday) and Drew Weatherford (Tuesday) had excellent days with the first-team offense in separate scrimmages against the second-team defense.

While it's good news that both quarterbacks and offenses in general are performing well, this isn't the normal FSU second-team defense.

Many of the players that would normally fill roles on the second team defense (Emmanuel Dunbar, Kendrick Stewart, LeTroy Guion, etc.) are out with injuries and have been replaced by either undersized true freshmen that are out of position (i.e. Bud Thacker) or walk-ons.

Now you tell me if the FSU first-team offensive line should be doing their primary practice against freshmen and walk-ons?

The funny thing is you can start to hear the concern around the rest of Tomahawk Nation. In June and July it was: "OMG, DREW RULZ!!!" and "Antone is on fire, start him NOW" and "L.T. IS an ANIMAL!".

And most of those are still true. All three of the above mentioned players have had a wonderful training camp.

But now it's the end of the August and the reality starts to hit. The cornerback position opposite of Tony Carter isn't as stable as we'd like. Myron Rolle has missed lots of practice with injury and Anthony Houllis is a question mark.

Emmanuel Dunbar will probably miss the season and before Kendrick Stewart got injured, he was struggling. Letroy Guion returned to the team yesterday so that helps, but the defensive line has some questions and the pass rush on the outside hasn't been there.

Offensively Shannon Boatman hasn't had the training camp many FSU fans expected. He isn't the second coming of Robert Gallery yet. Cory Niblock is improving but he can't go a full game so David Overmyer is back in the picture.

So there are a LOT of questions and 11 days to find some answers. Now Miami has as many, if not more questions. They have new starters on the line, they have no depth at receiver, their cornerbacks haven't been tested.

So it looks like we're headed towards another dogfight. A dogfight that can decide where this FSU team is headed in 2006.