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Anticipated Offensive Depth Chart for Miami

Through various reports and updates. This is the expected two-deep on offense for Florida State going into the Miami game (which is just 11 days away):

I'll do defense a little later tonight.

A couple of quick thoughts:

-- Wide receiver position is talented, but slightly inexperienced.

-- The left side of the offensive line looks good.

-- The right side of the offensive line is a potential disaster.

-- Mario Henderson is the most important person on this offense.

Drew Weatherford, Soph.
Xavier Lee, Soph.

Running Back
Lorenzo Booker, Sr.
Antone Smith, Soph.

Joe Surratt, Soph.
Matt Dunham, Fr.

De'Cody Fagg, Jr.
Damon McDaniel/Rod Owens, Fr/Soph.

Split End
Chris Davis, Sr.
Greg Carr, Soph.

Tight End
Caz Piurowski, Fr.
Charlie Graham, R-Fr.

Left Tackle
Mario Henderson, Sr.
Daron Rose, Fr.

Left Guard
Jacky Claude, Jr.
Dumaka Atkins, Soph

John Frady, Sr.
Dumaka Atkins, Soph.

Right Guard
Cory Niblock, Sr.
David Overmyer, Jr.

Right Tackle
Shannon Boatman, Jr.
David Overmyer, Jr.