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Anticipated Defensive Depth Chart for Miami

Sorry it took me an extra day to do the defensive depth chart. I wanted to get a final update before I did.

A few thoughts:

-- The outside pass rush is very uncertain. Burston has been, up to this point, a containment end and Alex Boston was expected to provide the rush. With Boston injured, it's up to Everette Brown to perform on passing downs.

-- The linebackers are ferocious. I think pound-for-pound it's the best linebacking corps in the nation.

-- The secondary has questions. I'm comfortable with Roger Williams and Tony Carter, but the depth at safety is weak. Does anyone walk to see former walk-ons Anthony Houllis and Michael Kornegay playing a lot of downs in the third and fourth quarter? Me neither.

Anyway here's the chart.

Right Defensive End
D.J. Norris, Jr.
Everette Brown, Soph.

Nose Guard
Paul Griffin, Jr.
Kendrick Stewart, R-Fr.

Defensive Tackle
Andre Fluellen, Jr.
Letroy Guion, Soph.

Left Defensive End
Darrell Burston, Sr.
Neefy Moffett, Soph.

SAM Linebacker
Lawrence Timmons, Jr.
Marcus Buss, Fr.

MIKE Linebacker
Buster Davis, Sr.
Jae Taxthon, Soph.

WILL Linebacker
Geno Hayes, Soph.
Derek Nicholson, Soph.

Field Cornerback
Tony Carter, Soph.
Korey Mangum/Michael Ray Garvin, R-Fr/Soph.

Boundary Cornerback
J.R. Bryant, Jr.
Patrick Robinson, Fr.

Strong Safety
Myron Rolle, Fr.
Anthony Houllis, Sr.

Free Safety
Roger Williams, Jr.
Darius McClure, Soph.