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Around the ACC (Games Not Including FSU or Miami)

This is broken up into three sections: "Games we don't scare about", "mildly entertaining" and "intriguing matchups"

Games we don't care about means just that. I don't preview them, I throw out a score and move on.

Mildly entertaining means that there's a reason to watch this game. Either it might be a sloppy, competitive game between a couple of bottom feeders or there is a player that is worth a quick glance.

Intriguing matchups are games we want to talk about on Wednesday and review what happened on Sunday. These are the sort of conference or non-conference matchups that shape the contours of the ACC football season.

"Games We Don't Care About"

Maryland 48, William & Mary 0
Duke 24, Richmond 13
N.C. State 55, Appalachian St. 7
Virginia Tech 69, Northeastern 0

Mildly Entertaining

Florida Atlantic at Clemson: My heart always has a soft spot for Howard Schellenberger. God knows he'll never...ever live down leaving Miami and several more national titles for uninspired stints in the USFL, Louisville and Oklahoma. However, the main reason to watch this game is to get a first glimpse at C.J. Spiller, the top-rated running back in the nation last year who spurned both FSU and Florida to join James Davis in Clemson's backfield. Clemson 49, FAU 10.

Virginia at Pittsburgh: A battle of dimmed wits between Al Groh and Dave Wannestedt. Somehow I wouldn't be surprised if both teams lost due to poor clock managment. Pittsburgh 28, Virginia 21.

Boston College at Central Michigan: Any time you get a BCS team on the road against a mid-major to open the season it's bound to be close for a half. Also, and you can call me crazy, but Boston College is a team to watch this season, especially while all the attention is on FSU, Miami and Clemson. Boston College 34, CMU 17

Intriguing Matchups

Rutgers at North Carolina: Rutgers is a program on the rise and they might have the best backfield in the Big East along with preseason All-American Brian Leonard at fullback.

Don't let the uniform fool ya, this kid's the truth.

I had the opportunity to cover a Rutgers Camp in Florida and Greg Schiano has that program going in the right direction and he's recruiting a lot of talent.

Speaking of recruiting, Jim Bunting has been tearing up the trail this summer and getting strong early commitments. Getting top athletes to Chapel Hill is the easy part, it's a beautiful campus, strong academics and amazing athletic facilties. However, basketball is responsible for those nice amenities and unless Bunting can get the Heels off to a good start, he won't reap the benefits of his top 15 recruiting class.

Rutgers 28, UNC 24.

Notre Dame at Georgia Tech: No one knows what to think of the Irish. They are overrated because they didn't beat a team that finished in the top 25. They are legit because Brady Quinn and his holiness Chuck Weis is there. They are overrated because their defense sucks.

Luckily for the Irish, Georgia Tech's offense can be just as bad despite having a four-year starting quarterback and one of the top three receivers in the nation. The true matchup will come down to John Tenuta's variety of blitz packages against the composure of Heisman trophy favorite Brady Quinn.

Relax, relax. I'll save those burning children after practice.

Georgia Tech is really getting a lot of upset love recently, but I'm not falling for it. Notre Dame will fall in September, just not on September 2.

Notre Dame 31, Georgia Tech 23