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Weis Takes Compliments of Being "God" to Heart...

...and he's changed a few rules when it comes to media relationships. We've already located the first two of Weis' 10 commandments.

First commandment: Hire the guy that didn't cover Notre Dame and Lord Charlie with the utmost respect.

Former Northwest Times Sports Writer Jeff Carroll, now working for the Irish Sports Report, was informed by school officials that he could not ask questions of Weis, his staff or players during the three-hour session. It seems Weis and senior associate athletics director John Heisler weren't happy with some of Carroll's reporting endeavors.

Second commandment: If I feed you, you shall obey.

Next Saturday morning, he'll throw the media a bone by having the entire practice open, followed by a bribe -- lunch.

"Please follow protocol. Don't try to steal behind the scenes to get to any of the guys," said Weis. "We've been pretty accessible.

All right all right, you've seen the hand of god...Now shut the fuck up!

Full story is here