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Training Camp: Day 2

Official FSU Athletic Department report is here

Couple of quick thoughts (some based on the report and others based on what you didn't see):

-- Lee is going to the endzone like I suggested. Every practice he has to flaunt his arm strength and ability to make the big play. Drew will always be more consistent with the controlled passing game.

-- A few guys had to have additional cooling time due to the heat.

-- Brandon Warren and Caz Piurowski have established their ability to catch and Warren had a couple of nice plays.

-- Preston Parker is going to be better than advertised.

-- Looks like Myron Rolle got picked on a bit.

-- D'Vontrey Richardson looks far more comfortable as a QB and in the Seminoles offense than Christian Ponder, which is strange because Ponder spent most of the spring working with the second team.