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My Week 3 Blogpoll

I've actually got some issues with the Blogpoll that stemmed from an incident with another voter and the way they were presumably treated, but I'll talk about that at another time in a diary so it doesn't clog up the main board.

Anyway, my ballot.

1) Southern Cal: It's odd but in the one and a half years of the blogpoll, I have only had USC out of the top spot twice. The end of the last season's poll after the loss to Texas and the first poll of this year when I had LSU at number one.

2) Ohio State: I thought they certainly proved themselves to be amongst the argument of the best team in the nation. I don't see a dropoff on the defense.

3) LSU: These teams did...

4) Auburn: ...nothing to drop...

5) Louisville: ...but had to for Ohio State.

6) Notre Dame: Impressive, but it was against a freshman quarterback on the road.

7) Florida: Boy that Percy Harvin has the ability to be a real special player.

8) West Virginia: Eh I still need to see what's so great about them.

9) Iowa: Not punished because of Drew Tate's injury and any FSU fan can tell you that even the worse Syracuse teams are difficult to beat in that dome.

10) Virginia Tech: Buyer still needs to beware because UNC is a lot worse than I thought.

11-25 is below the jump.

  1. Georgia
  2. Michigan
  3. Texas
  4. Florida State: I can't put them higher in my conscience because of the pathetic offense and the highly injured defense. Argue with me all you want, but this is barely a top 15 team right now.
  5. Rutgers
  6. UCLA
  7. Tennessee
  8. Oklahoma
  9. TCU
  10. Nebraska
  11. Boston College
  12. Miami (Florida)
  13. Cal
  14. Clemson
  15. South Florida