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The Problems in FSU's offense

Finally I've decided to talk about FSU's offense. It took me a couple of days to watch the game. I was that disgusted with the fact that Florida State University would almost lose to home. But I see the problems with the offense and I have identified them along with the solutions.

Player: Lorenzo Booker

Problem: You're a dance machine. Sorry Book, you aren't an every down running back. You aren't Reggie Bush, hell you aren't Reggie Cobb right now. But you are a big-time offensive threat (I think) and you have a place on the offense. Just not in the backfield trying to run the ball. You don't hit the holes hard because you're dancing before you take the handoff. The zone blocking scheme worked best with running backs like Shaun Alexander, Clinton Portis, Terrell Davis, Ahman Green. North-south runners who make quick decisions. You are trying to hit a home run and striking out. You're basically Dave Kingman.

Dance class is over LoBo

Solution: Jamaal Edwards will take your backfield carries and we're going to move you around the field. The slot is a good start. Occasionally you're going to sub for Charlie Graham or Caz Piurowski in a two tight end set. The bottom is this Booker, we are going to make defenses accountable for you. Right now, you're barely visible. We're also going to put you at punt returner for an added dimension.

Player: Brandon Warren

Problem: You're not on the field enough.

Solution: Well we have to tell Charlie Graham and Caz Piurowski that they are the backups and install some two tight end sets that don't always shout out "RUN RUN RUN" to get them involved. But you're the man and potentially the best tight end this school has had since Pat Carter.

Player: Drew Weatherford

Problem: You're dinking and dunking you're way through life.

Solution: You need to occasionally throw to the downfield options on something other than a jump ball. For a quarterback that is "the one" you can't throw a post pattern? I know I've seen you do it before...but you were at Land O' Lakes High School. There was no excuse for that first half and the failure to see the field. Are you hanging out with Chris Rix too much? Will you stop it?

Player: Chris Davis

Problem: Where are you?

Solution: Get in Weatherford's face and tell him to get you the ball. You are a senior, you are a big play threat, it's your time. Just because you're 5'11 and DeCody Fagg is 6'4 doesn't mean you're any less open down the field.

Player: Antone Smith

Problem: Putting the ball on the turf.

Solution: Repetition. Carry a ball to school and make it your friend. Bottom line is this team needs an every down tailback and you're the best fit right now. Hell we left you in on the final drives of the game. You are the man so now you need to hold on to the rock and we'll ride your back to a 100+ yards a game.

Player: Mark McHale

Problem: Well you aren't a player...but you are a problem.

Solution: We're dumping that stupid zone blocking scheme because a) it isn't working and b) you can't teach it. So we're back to the old-style "knock-the-guy-in-front-of-you" blocking scheme. Last year we were last in the ACC, this year we're last in the nation. The bad news is we're behind Temple and Buffalo. The good news is we can only get better. Also we're going to take you off the recruiting trail. For whatever reason you couldn't convince a freezing man to take a jacket much less a blue-chip linemen to play for you.