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Who's On Notice: Week 3

Let's see the big board.

Screw up and you'll get a wag of the finger.

1) Mark McHale's Crappy Blocking Scheme: The title says it all...

  1. Lorenzo Booker's Dancing Shoes: We've went over this ad naseum.
  2. Chuck Amato: Blaming a loss to Akron on the amount of non-qualifiers they bring in? Please. If you could do it, you know you would.
  3. John Bunting: You and your team are just plain garbage.
  4. Colorado (The University of): The rest of the state is fine, but you suck.
  5. Stupid clock rules: If they got rid of them right now would anyone mind? Of course not.
  6. His Holiness Chuck Weis: Moving down on the list but up on the scales. You gotta lot Chuck.
  7. Nate Harris: I love when former UM players who were arrested for armed robbery criticize the current UM program for not being what it used to be.