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Who's OnNotice This Week?

No real surprises as you can imagine.

Screw up and you'll get a wag of the finger.

FSU Offensive Coaches: I can't just point the finger at Jeff Bowden or Mark McHale when Daryl Dickey is trying to turn every QB into Bernie Kosar and Billy Sexton looks like he's rather be doing taxes.

"Dump Off" Drew Weatherford: When Bobby Bowden says you're playing too conservatively, there's a MAJOR problem.

Chuck Amato: You know Iit's hard out there for a coach.

Colorado (The University of): Dan Hawkins continues to ruin the expansive job market for mid-major coaches everywhere.

His Holiness Chuck Weis: I warned you Domers not to get too happy about beating a team with a freshman quarterback.

Pac-10 Officials: These guys have single-handedly tainted this season.

Larry Coker: A loss against Houston or North Carolina and something tells me Coker will get fired on the spot.

The ACC: The conference took an incredible ass-kicking this week from the Big East. No questions about it.