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5 Keys to Seminole Success

With a game like Miami and these rainy conditions, you know it's going to be an ugly game:

1) Protect Weatherford : Miami does what they do. Four-man rush and line stunts, they dropped eight on Weatherford last year and dared him to pass, this year they are going to put pressure on the right side. Shannon Boatman and David Overmyer/Cory Niblock are under the gun.

2) Special Teams Success : Last year FSU blocked a punt that should've netted them a touchdown, it didn't, but the point remains. In a game of field position, plays have to be made on special teams.

3) Balance Attack : Miami can and will shut down the running game without the threat of a pass. So it's important to pass and complete around 55-60% of the passes. Greg Carr must get the ball thrown his way 10-15 times.

4) Pressure Wright : I don't expect nine sacks, but D.J. Norris and Darrell Burston will have to get some pressure on the outside to free up the team's best pass rusher, Andre Fluellen. I also expect Jae Thaxton to be the "buck" linebacker in the 3-4 package and blitz.

5) Be Aggressive...B-E Aggressive : Last year FSU got the home field breaks. This is a new game and the Orange Bowl is the Seminoles' house of horrors. Start fast and put the pedal or the metal.