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My Week 2 Blogpoll

With all the games in the book, there are a few changes at the blogpoll starting right from the top.

1) Southern Cal

This has little to do with anything LSU did wrong, I just think Southern Cal is, once again, the best team in the country and they have a schedule that is setting up nicely for them through November.

2) LSU

The Tigers didn't drop far, nor should they, they played as expected against weak opposition. We'll know more about them in the month of October, but nothing tells me that this group isn't in the upper echelon.

3) Auburn

I thought they looked good against decent competition from Washington State. I like their defense, I like their offense. The offense isn't anything great, but it's well executed and cuts down on the mistake possibilities.

4) Louisville

Louisville will drop down one spot due to the Michael Bush injury, but they've got several prospects at running back that could collectively replace him.

5) Ohio State

This isn't a number one team to me. It's a very good team, it's one of the best offenses in the nation with Troy Smith running the show, but it's not the best team.

6) Texas

I actually like Texas to win the big Saturday showdown because it's in Austin and I think the Longhorns offensive line will be the difference.

7) Florida State

This team has some serious problems on offense and they better get fixed before Sept. 16 or it's going to be another disappointing year. I'll get into them later.

8) Notre Dame

The defense looked much improved, but they have better teams on the schedule in September so the jury is still out on this group.

9) Florida

A sluggish start in the first half but the Gators rebounded and showed a lot of speed on offense. The secondary will get a much better test this week.

10) West Virginia

I can't do backflips over the Mountaineers beating its in-state rival five years after said rival was decent, but I'm sure the people in Morgantown are.

The rest of the poll is after the jump.

  1. Tennessee
  2. Iowa
  3. Clemson
  4. Georgia
  5. Michigan
  6. Virginia Tech
  7. UCLA
  8. Rutgers
  9. TCU
  10. Penn State
  11. Nebraska
  12. Oklahoma
  13. Miami (Fla.)
  14. Pittsburgh
  15. Central Florida
Cal, Arizona State and Utah all leave the poll.