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Partially Drunk Post-Game Comments

Thanks to the Gateway crew for enjoying the game with me.

OMFG DEFENSE RULZ! Yes FSU's defense is more ferocious than most. Buster Davis and Geno Hayes attempted to cover every square inch of the Orange Bowl. The defensive line hit Kyle Wright so many times I thought they were going to be arrested for a hate crime. The secondary was good...except for J.R. Bryant, he was terrible.

MORE DEFENSE!! How good was FSU's defense. Gave up two (2) rushing yards to Miami. Gave up six (6) first downs in the second quarter and two (2) in the other three quarters. Only two sacks, but endless pressures. Allowed 66% completion, but only 7.3 yards per completion.

Weatherford's Two Passes: The jump ball and the dump pass. After 14 starts this is basically what he has become. He completed one pass over the middle of the field, but I would've liked to have seen more of what he's learned. Of course he'll dominate Troy and Rice.

the running game: Horrible and credit to Antone Smith for being smart enough to put his head down for the...1 yard FSU gained on the ground. Even Miami had...2!! ONE &#@ YARD!! That's beyond terrible. Lorenzo Booker has no clue how to run the ball without making a dozen shuffles and jukes. He can't take the handoff without dancing. Meanwhile the right side of the offensive line was awful.

Two in a Row!! It just feels good.