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FSU's Offense (1st Half)

What I am going to try to do this season is do a semi play-by-play of the game gone by, looking at crucial aspects like line play and where the play was supposed to go. All the while I'll add in opinions and observations, which are in the parentheses.

I'll try to do it for offense and defense but this week, due to time factors, I'm just going to have time for the offense.

FSU gained a whopping 175 yards and scored 13 points in a victory over Miami. The running game was pretty much non-existent but the passing game excelled on two drives in the second half to make the difference.

1st Possession at FSU 45

1-10 F45 -- Screen to Booker gains 16 yards. (Henderson makes the block to spring the play)

1-10 M39 -- Jump Ball to Fagg was incomplete. (He was covered and the pass was overthrown)

2-10 M39 -- Fake end around with Weatherford going off tackle for no gain. (Overmyer got beat but Booker helped him and saved a loss of yardage on the play.)

3-10 M39 -- Quick out to Chris Davis gains nine yards. (Claude was beaten, but Davis came back to make the play).

4-1 M30 -- Miami flagged for Offsides

1-10 M25 -- Draw to Booker loses one yard. (Booker made his first move three yards behind the line of scrimmage, Boatman got worked and both contributed to blowing up the play.

2-11 M26 -- Dump pass to Surratt gains six yards (Boatman was worked again but Weatherford found the check down)

3-5 M20 -- Quick slant to Fagg was dropped (He was covered, should've been caught but it was short of the first down by three yards)

4-5 M20 -- Field Goal was good.

5 passes, 31 yards
2 rushers, -1 yard
1 penalty, +5 yards

2nd possession at FSU 41

1-10 F41 -- Counter sweep to Smith gains two (Fagg missed the block that could've sprung a bigger gain)

2-8 F43 -- Out pattern to Davis gains seven yards (Weatherford rolled to his right)

3-1 50 -- Counter to Smith loses one yard (Surratt and Boatman missed blocks)

1 pass, 7 yards
2 rushes, 1 yard

3rd possession at FSU 12

1-10 F12 -- Shotgun quick out to Warren gains three yards

2-7 F15 -- Draw to Booker gains two yards (Booker started dancing three yards behind the line of scrimmage and that contributed to the play blowing up without a better gain)

3-5 F17 -- FSU flagged for false start

3-10 F12 -- Shotgun square in to Carr was dropped (he was covered tightly, but should've caught the ball)

4-10 F12 -- Miami flagged for illegal participation (+15)

1-10 F27 -- Playaction, incomplete pass to Piurowski (Horrible throw, receiver was double covered and Weatherford tried to throw it high for the 6'8 receiver)

2-10 F27 -- Counter to Smith loses one yard (Overmyer, now playing tackle, missed his block)

3-11 F26 -- FSU flagged for delay of Game (-5)

3-16 F21 -- Shotgun fade route overthrown to Fagg (Low snap but Weatherford has plenty of time and missed an open Davis dragging across the middle)

4 passes, 3 yards
2 rushes, 1 yard
2 penalties, +10 yards

4th possession at FSU 14

1-10 F14 -- Draw to Booker gains one (Claude was beaten, Booker danced two yards behind line of scrimmage)

2-9 F15 -- Shotgun short out to Piurowski gains three yards.

3-6 F18 -- FSU flagged for dead ball personal foul (-9)

3-15 F9 -- Shotgun, inside handoff to Booker loses two yards ( /o/ dance dance dance...boogie wonderland /o/, Henderson actually gave him room to manuever if he would've hit the hole quickly)

1 pass, 3 yards
2 rushes, -1 yard
1 penalty, -9 yards

5th possession at FSU 20

1-10 F20 -- Shotgun screen to Booker loses three. (Play was poorly executed and Miami read it and blew up the whole left side of the FSU line)

2-13 F17 -- Weatherford's pass intercepted by Meriweather (Terrible pass, Boatman was beat but Weatherford stared down Davis like he was enamored with him and threw the ball despite Davis being covered like a blanket)

2 passes, -3 yards & turnover.

6th possession at FSU 5

1-10 F5 -- Surratt gains nothing on the infamous 34 wham play.

2-10 F5 -- Weatherford sneak for two yards ends the half.

2 rushes, 2 yards.

Thoughts: I can't print what I thought of the offense in the first half. I'll say it's a miracle FSU trailed by only three. The interception gave Miami great field position but the FSU defense and Miami miscues took them 25 yards back and out of field goal range.