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The Notice Board...Updated

This is a place you don't want to be.

Screw up and you'll get a wag of the finger!

Leaving: Jim Bunting...we meant John Bunting...hell isn't Jim Bunting a Congressman or something.

Arriving: John Bunting...Nice game against Rutgers, see if you get another sell out this season.

Leaving: Gary Cismesia...2-for-2 and an extra point on a bad snap. "The Weed" to his critics: Talk to the hand!

Arriving: Duke...where the football team wishes it could make the front the school newspaper.

Leaving: Tim Tebow's Crazy Dad...This is Temporary I'm Sure.

Arriving: Mark McHale...FSU's offensive line coach who took a top 30 rushing attack and turned it into a top 110 rushing attack.

Leaving: Reggie Ball...You don't deserve the right to be on the board you failure!

Arriving: Colorado...The whole freakin' state. So much for those "hot, young coaching prospects" eh?