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FSU Offense (2nd Half)

The first half was brutal for FSU, gaining one yard rushing and 43 yards passing. The second half would prove to be much better thanks to two drives in the second half that netted the Seminoles 10 points and gave them the victory.

7th possession from FSU 20.

1-10 F20 -- Dive play to Smith gains three yards (Surratt had a great lead block)

2-7 F23 -- Shotgun inside draw to Smith goes for no gain (Claude badly missed his block)

3-7 F23 -- Shotgun square in to Fagg for 14 yards (Weatherford had great time, but almost moved into a sack by coming too close to Boatman. He recovered and made a great throw)

1-10 F37 -- Weatherford bobbled the shotgun snap and loss two yards. Good snap, QB error.

2-12 F35 -- Dump pass to Smith gains seven yards (Great protection again gave Weatherford time to go through his progressions and catch Smith working his way back).

3-5 F42 -- FSU flagged for false start (-5)

3-10 F37 -- Weatherford escapes a sack to gain four yards (Boatman was PWNED by Atkins on that play).

4 rushers, 5 yards
2 passes, 21 yards
1 penalty, -5 yards

8th possession from FSU 41

1-10 F41 -- Booker gains two yards on an inside draw (Weatherford audibled out of the original play. Booker actually hit the hole with some authority)

2-8 F43 -- Toss pitch to Booker loses five yards (Everyone stunk on this play and Booker had his dancing shoes on right away)

3-13 F38 -- Shotgun post pattern to Davis was incomplete (Pass was tipped and it's a good thing because it would've been Meriweather's second interception as he read Weatherford perfectly)

2 rush, -3 yards
1 pass, no yards

9th possession from FSU 32

1-10 F32 -- Cross in pass to Warren was incomplete (Boatman was whipped again and Weatherford had no choice but to throw it away)

2-10 F32 -- Fade to Fagg was thrown away (Fagg and Davis tried to flood the area but both were covered)

3-10 F32 -- Jump ball to Fagg gained 28 yards (Fagg completely manhandled Randy Phillips to grab the ball)

1-10 M40 -- Jump ball to Carr was overthrown (Glenn Sharpe almost intercepted it and Carr was playing defense on the play)

2-10 M40 -- Rollout pass to Warren in incomplete (Boatman held his block to give Weatherford additional time but it was a bad throw)

3-10 M40 -- Dump pass to Booker gains 35 yards (Booker found a seam and just ran until he got tackled, it was the longest play from scrimmage for either team)

1-G M5 -- Shotgun drag route to Davis gains four yards (Blocking was solid)

2-G M1 -- Surratt scores the touchdown on the infamous 34 wham play (Frady, Niblock and Claude blocked well on the play)

7 passes, 67 yards
1 rush, 1 yard

10th possesion from FSU 41

1-10 F41 -- Shotgun dump pass to Smith gains seven yards (Nice execution, good blocking)

2-3 F48 -- Jump ball to Fagg gains 18 yards (Ball thrown to the outside where only Fagg could make a play on it)

1-10 M34 -- Jump ball to Fagg was overthrown

2-10 M34 -- Shotgun out pattern to Carr gains 11 yards (Great blocking, Carr made a move and was wide open)

1-10 M23 -- Draw to Smith loses one yard (Jon Beason made Overmyer look like a scout teamer on this play)

2-11 M24 -- Weatherford scramble gains five (He had good time, but the coverage forced him to run)

3-6 M19 -- Shotgun rollout dump pass to Smith gains nine (Another well executed play).

1-G M10 -- Weatherford bobbled snap and lost nine yards (Good snap, error was Weatherford's)

2-G M19 -- Smith goes off tackle for three yards (Kenny Phillips closed the hole quickly)

3-G M16 -- Jump ball to Carr is overthrown.

4-G M16 -- Field goal is good

6 passes, 45 yards
4 rushes, -2 yards

11th possession from Miami 35

1-10 M35 -- Shotgun rollout pass is thrown away (Weatherford had time and lost it thanks to Miami's coverage)

2-10 M35 -- Jump ball to Fagg is incomplete (Fagg was tightly covered on the play)

3-10 M35 -- Shotgun pass is thrown away (Bad snap)

3 passes, 0 yards (wasted 17 seconds)

12th possession from Miami 45

1-10 M45 -- Draw play to Smith loses two yards (Surratt and Overmyer tried a double the tackler, who fought through both of them easily)

2-12 M47 -- Miami flagged for offsides (+5)

2-7 M42 -- Draw play to Smith gains three yards

3-4 M39 -- Surratt gains two on the 34 wham play

3 rushes, 3 yards
1 penalty, 5 yards

13th possession from the Miami 25

1-10 M25 Weatherford kneels for -1 yard


1 rush, -1 yard

Final Thoughts: The team did some good things in the second half, especially in the passing game. It's time to do something different with Lorenzo Booker. He's got to be put in the slot on occasion or out wide, force defenses to account for him. He's just not the type of running back that's going to help a team that can't run the ball effectively to begin with.