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More on Coaches...

...Yeah I know the Gators won the national title. You can hear about it on a Gator site (I suggest EDSBS).

But back to the FSU coaching situation. I don't know if everyone understands how big this is. Right now, without announcing a running backs coach (and I don't think it'll be Edgar Bennett), I think this is a top 10 offensive staff.

By comparison I think FSU's offensive staff in 2006 was barely Division 1-A worthy.

Now you will starting seeing FSU running an offense that isn't pedastrian and reliant on winning with better athletes. The new staff will actually use....gameplans....and try to get receivers open on....route running rather than the slant, the hook or the jump ball.

Also you don't have to worry about excuses because these guys aren't having it. Also there won't be any situations where players can run to Bobby Bowden for protection from Jimbo's foot because it ain't gonna happen.

With the talent on the team and the potential for a late spike in recruiting, I can say that FSU is a contender with this new staff. The schedule might be too hard to compete for a national title, but they will be in BCS contention.

I can't wait for spring practice.