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More Coaching Updates....

...All right here's some of the latest.

Running Backs Coach: I really feel like Edgar Bennent is well out of the mix due to the paycut from pros to college. There are other options and they mostly appear to be young assistants. Also the school will probably make one of the two hires a minority, so take that into consideration. I don't have a name that I can just throw out.

LB Coach: I would expect something to be done over the weekend and the two names that have surfaced everywhere is Chuck Amato or John Bunting. Odd that these two former adversaries at N.C. State and North Carolina are now battling for a spot on Mickey Andrews' defensive staff. End of the day, Bowden and Amato are great friends and I think FSU is going to do what they have to do to get him back on staff with the Seminoles.

The proposed shuffle of coaches on the staff won't happen so James Colzie is looking for work, he was networking at the AFCA Convention in San Antonio earlier this week. Colzie was the Seminoles' defensive GA for the last couple of years.

As for other GA news, offensive line coach Rick Trickett will have the offensive GA.