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Full Coaches Transcript...

...courtesy of Warchant.

Lines that stood out for me. First from OL coach Rick Trickett:

Q: Coach Trickett, when you met with the offensive linemen what was the most important thing you wanted to get across to them in that first meeting?

Rick Trickett: That Jenny Craig was going to be here tomorrow. We've had a good holiday. We've got to lose some weight. We've got to get our strength back. And most of all we have to have an attitude. We're going to formulate an attitude. We're going to be hard-nosed and we're going to be physical and we're going to get after people.

From WR coach Lawrence Dawsey:

Q: Coach Dawsey, how much do you think the fact that you have done everything and been in their shoes going to help you with these kids?

Lawrence Dawsey: I think it is going to help a lot. Like I told them when I met with them yesterday, I have been there and done that. What you want to do, I have done it. If you would just come in and listen with an open mind, don't come in with your own mind made up about the situation, but come in with an open mind. I am not saying I have all the answers but I am saying I have some answers. If you just give me a chance and listen to me I am pretty sure I can make you a better football player and a better man. It is not just about football, I didn't just come here to be a football coach, I came here to develop young men to be better. Better fathers, husbands, and just being better citizens, that is what I came here to do.

And from new offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher:

Q: What would you tell fans to reassure them, given how highly touted you are coming in here, that you're going to be here long enough to get the job done?

Jimbo Fisher: There was a man who once told me that, if you have career goals in what you want to do, and we all have them - just like players, I like players who have great ambitions and great goals in their future - he told me if you want to be somewhere and you want something, do a great job at the job you have. Being the offensive coordinator at Florida State is a dream. It's as good a job as there is in the country. If I was the offensive coordinator at Florida State until the day I retired, I would be tickled to death. It's a great job. If you do a great job at the job you have, then other opportunities will present themselves. And that's my job - to be the best offensive coordinator for Florida State right now and hopefully be a small part of getting us back on the winning track.

Fortunately, that old man told me that about 20 years ago. And he happens to be standing upstairs. That's something I always remembered. I don't have another job in mind. I want to be the offensive coordinator at Florida State and I'm excited and thrilled to be here.