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Yep there's a running backs coach...

...his name is Dexter Carter.

For the FSU newbies, Carter was one of the Seminoles' top offensive players in the late 90s and a first-round draft choice of the San Francisco 49ers in the 1990 Draft.

He doesn't have any coaching experience to speak of, but he was the second choice after Edgar Bennett. I wouldn't worry too much about his lack of experience as he'll have an experienced offensive staff around him to show him the ropes.

As for the linebacking coach situation, I am hearing more and more that Rutgers assistant Chris DeMarest might've come to the front of the line. He's a former GA under Mickey Andrews and has coached with Chuck Amato at N.C. State and now coaches DBs at Rutgers.

I've met Coach Demarest on a few occasions and he's a young, aggressive coach who has already developed a reputation as a strong recruiter and a young prospect on the rise.

Here's his bio from the Rutgers athletic site.