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Big Recruiting Weekend...

...coming this Saturday. FSU has somewhere between 6-10 guys coming on campus to take a visit.

The two that really stick out to me are running back Enrique Davis and wide receiver Markish Jones.

Davis is currently a soft commit to Auburn, but he seems to be quite interested in FSU's running situation. He's a bigger back, around 5'11, 210-215 pounds. He's considered an elite or almost-elite RB prospect across the board. Here's his biography.

Jones is also currently committed somewhere (Clemson), but he's been on the FSU radar for a while and the feelings have been reciprocated. Jones is a smaller (we'll say 5-10) receiver with 4.4 speed, a bit of a change from the tall, receivers designed to catch floating jump balls. Here's Markish's bio. If you see either of them on campus this weekend, say hello.