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Nick Saban Drinks the Haterade...

...Funny interview with LSU commit Luther Davis after receiving in-home visit from Nick Saban.

Here are some of the juicier quotes relayed the way Nick Saban would approve.

"Nick Saban was talking about how Nick Saban built the academic center, raised the money for it, which Nick Saban did and that's all fine and good but Nick Saban's not there anymore. Nick Saban said that Alabama already has an academic center that is better than LSU's and for me to just come and take a look. I'll just take Nick Saban's word for it because I'm pretty solid."

And as for his old coaches? Screw 'em.

"I asked Nick Saban about some of the guys that are at LSU right now and Nick Saban said Nick Saban was not familiar with them but Nick Saban said whatever is going on there is not better than what Nick Saban has going on at Alabama right now. Nick Saban gave no credit to anyone."

End of the day, Davis was undeterred and unimpressed.

"Nick Saban came across as arrogant when Nick Saban was recruiting my brother and my family didn't like that then," Davis said. "I seriously would not be going to LSU if Nick Saban were still there."