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Recruiting Update (Offense)...

...Hard to say where FSU is going into the final week of signing day.

The Seminoles are generally known as a team that closes strong with a rash of signing-day commitments, two or three turn out to be surprised.

So far here's how I feel about the class and where it could be headed.

Quarterback: I think FSU was toying with the idea of offering Plant QB and Mr. Football Robert Marve, but they got word that he was basically a lock to Miami and backed off.

Running Backs: FSU is looking to sign at least two if the rumors of Marcus Sims moving to linebacker turn out to be true. It looks like Mississippi prospect Robert Elliot is all but committed while Enrique Davis decided to stick with his early commitment to Auburn.

FSU looks to be in the running for either North Fort Myers star Noel Devine or Louisiana blue-chipper Joe McKnight for the other position. I expect FSU to sign one of the two, probably Devine.

Wide Receivers: This area could make or break this class. FSU needs playmakers and speed at the receiver position. Ahmad Paige committed to the Noles early in the season but has sense backed out and no longer has FSU on his board.

Right now FSU has a commitment from Georgia prospect Cameron Wade and no one I've spoken to think he's going to be a difference maker at the next level, but we'll see. FSU is still in the hunt for Homestead's Alphonso Bryant even though he committed to UCF last week.

Brandon Paul appears to be leaning towards FSU and he can play wide receiver. The shocker could be Glades Central's Deonte Thompson, who MAY visit Florida State this upcoming weekend after visiting Miami this past weekend. Signing two of those three (Bryant, Paul and Thompson) will give FSU much-needed speed at the position.

Tight Ends: I've heard from enough sources that Caz Piurowski has moved to the offensive line and will participate with that unit during the spring. Still FSU isn't searching for any tight ends.

Offensive Line: With a commitment from West Boca's A.J. Ganguzza the Seminoles added their fourth OL prospect. Alabama prospect Rodney Hudson is in line to be the fifth commitment. The sixth spot has three potential suitors -- Glades Central tackle Jatavious Jackson, Georgia prospect Antwane Greenlee and Louisiana prospect Rishaw Johnson.

I expect Jackson to be the sixth guy and if Greenlee becomes the seventh, I believe the final holdover from the McHale era (Zach Hillery) made be making a switch.

It's going to be an interesting final week and while I don't believe FSU will sign an elite offensive class, it could be very solid or very disappointing.