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BlogPoll Roundtable

The Battle for #1 - USC and LSU are separated by one vote in the AP poll. We made the switch in last week's blogpoll by putting the Tigers in our top spot. State your case for who should be the top team in the country.

I was one of the few that had ranked Florida No. 1 in the BlogPoll so far this season. Not because I thought they were the best team in the nation (I didn't) but because they were the defending National Champions and as Ric Flair says "to be the man, you have to beat the man".

But they lost and now I can safely place USC at the top of the heap. Reason is simple; I think USC's "C" game is better than LSU's "C" game. We've seen both teams play dominating football so far and we've seen them both play a little flat. I think USC is still more complete and dangerous on a bad day than LSU.

But they are VERY VERY close.

Oklahoma, Florida, West Virginia, Texas and Rutgers were all upset this weekend. Of those teams, who has the best shot of getting back into the national title hunt?

I would say the Oklahoma/Texas winner has a good shot because the schedule gets much easier and they can really light up some average teams (Kansas) with gaudy records. If Florida beats LSU they are in the mix again, but they will have to do it twice. If LSU wins they will take the SEC East's most dangerous team all but out of the mix for the SEC Championship game.

West Virginia and Rutgers are done. USF's win over West Virginia wasn't an aberration, they did it there and they did it in Tampa. They are a better football team.

Looking at the current AP Top 10, who is grossly overrated and who should be in there that isn't?

I think Boston College is doing it with a little smoke and mirrors. It was a nice win over Georgia Tech but overall I'm not impressed with their defense and they are in the middle of a four-game stretch that includes Army, UMass, Bowling Green and Notre Dame. I'm interested to see how a 7-0 Eagles team does in Blacksburg on the final Thursday of the month.

I think South Carolina should be in the top 10, the loss against LSU was respectable and I believe they are the best team in the SEC East right now.

What is the worst coaching mistake you've seen this season?

Urban Meyer's staff made the worst coaching mistake of the weekend by calling a predictable offense. How many quarterback draws can we see in a single game? It wasn't working. Tommy Tuberville is one of the best defensive coaches in college football and has been for the last 25 years.