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I don't even know where to begin so I think I'm going to go get a drink instead.

Nine days until Miami...remember when that game used to mean something.

Before I go, I will say that besides a completely non-existent running game, an awful offensive line performance and defense that got manhandled in the second half...this high-priced coaching staff laid an egg.

JScott here:

What a disappointment. If I were 20 or younger that would have been a game I'd have cursed the tv, refs, thrown my hat yada yada, but at this stage in life I realize what I'm watching; Inexperience coupled with Indecision. I semi-understand Weatherford coming in, because Lee couldnt hit the broad-side of a barn, BUT you don't do that. Its the kids 5TH CAREER START against a team that hung thirty unanswered points against us at HOME. You just don't do that and if for some odd reason you DO decide to DO that, you don't put the other guy in for one series. What do I know though, maybe Lee couldnt go out there for that series, thus Drew came in (I'd rather that be the reason).

Its time to respect each and every team on our schedule. I know alot of you are still shocked that these losses are occuring, that "We're FLORIDA STATE" ..... that Florida State is long gone and left with old man Weinke .... I guarentee if we play like this against DUKE, watch out folks. I hope Jimbo and company are recruiting the Preston Parkers of the world, because that guy truly loves to play. I almost want to put him at QB and see if he can make something happen. I hope just once this season he gets the ball in an open area.

I understand how we came to the conclusion we all witnessed last night, what I dont understand is how our Running Game can suck sooooo bad. First off, Antone Smith was HIGHLY RECRUITED, I mean HIGHLY. Second off, werent defenses supposed to not stack the line of scrimmage when Lee's in the ball game, guess they didnt get the memo and lastly why arent we using Lee's deceptive athleticism? Clearly he's not a Pat White or even a Steve McNair type of QB, but couldnt we use his attributes as a decoy with options, direct RB Snaps from Shotgun, reverses, flea-flickers. There's got to be a surprise element for this FSU Team, because we're not surprising anybody with our offense. Maybe the personnel we have can't handle those types of plays though. Who knows

We can now look forward to the Miami Game, the time should be announced Sunday. The powers that be are thinking a 3:30 or 8:00 Kickoff. I prefer the 8pm Kickoff as it would trick my mind into thinking this is a game with HUGE implications, when its merely a Weak ACC matchup of what was and could have been.

If I sound bitter, its because I am .... I just want to break stuff