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Yes it's bad...relax...


We're 4-2...Not that bad. Honestly who expected us to be better? Yeah 5-1 would be nice, but as a Tampa Bay Bucs fan will tell you, doing it with smoke and mirrors is as disappointing as losing. Nothing worse than knowing you aren't as good as your record. If Greg Carr makes the right play on Thursday the game is over. It's the little things.

  • Yes the rivalry with Miami is fading, but who expects it to stay that way forever? Not I.
  • The offensive line isn't very good right now but believe me better days are ahead behind Rick Trickett. He's the best offensive line coach in the business but he can't turn chickenshit into chicken salad. He inheirited a mess -- a group of lineman who were weak and out of shape. Now they are weak and conditioned. Next year they will be strong and conditioned. Trust me you don't want Mark McHale back in this program. Ever!
  • The quarterback play isn't great but it is a big improvement over last year. Anyone who saw Lee in 2005 and 2006 and sees his 2.5 game-span in 2007 should see a huge improvement. And it will get better. Again these things don't happen overnight.
  • The receiver play has been pretty good. Lawrence Dawsey has already made an impression on these fellas and it shows. They will occasionally revert to some old habits, but there's little doubt that Carr and Fagg are beginning to become the NFL-quality receivers we expected them to be.
  • Who honestly thinks Miami is going to score much on FSU's defense? And how will they accomplish this...Using the Jedi mind trick?
  • Wear some garnet because the coach says so.