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Back Away From the Ledge...

...really my main issue is the fact that Kirby Freeman, who is absolutely horrible, drove his team 83 yards in a little over a minute. MRG and Roger Williams were both lost on corner route, for whatever reason Mickey Andrews refused to send pressure. I understand adjusting to the runs that Cooper but they couldn't give up the pressure.

  • The offense was funny. They moved the ball well then got a holding call and another and another. Obviously they stayed in field goal range. For the second week in a row Lee had an exceptionally bad second half. He needs to get himself together or FSU will go in a new direction (not sure if Weatherford will see the field again but he might).
  • This was just one of those games that was a total team meltdown from the players to the coaches. With 3:30 left the team is up by five with three timeouts and a first down to a Miami team with one timeout. How do you lose by 8?
  • I guess I look at a couple of scenarios that made the difference. It starts with the third and 2 call at 2:45 in the fourth quarter. Apparently Lee was given the instructions to audible based on the defensive call but it didn't happen. The play should have been a bootleg from the beginning in my opinion, I have no clue why they did a run safe.
Not sure what's next for this program so I'm just going to go with some gut feelings.
  • Two-quarterback system: Could work but it's very spotty. There has to be a consistency to it. There has to be organization, rhyme & reason to why it would work. I'd have to see what Weatherford brings to the table again. He's perfectly smart and dedicated, he just doesn't have the ability to move from point A to point B without a running game and a capable offensive line. With Lee the low percentage is what he does well and the high percentage is what he does poorly. That's just strange.
  • Time for a New Leader: I sense Bobby Bowden has the desire, he just doesn't have the drive anymore. He was stubborn and that started a negative cycle with players and coaches over six years. It was something we hoped could be overcome in six months. It hasn't.
  • Bowl Bound?: Let's say FSU beats Duke next week. Then what? Have to win one of @ Va. Tech, @ Boston College, Maryland and @ Florida to get to a bowl. No bowl and you're looking at a Notre Dame situation.