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Time for Boston College....

...everyone over that big Duke victory? Yeah I thought so.

Right now FSU football is about as exciting as a wet fart and I can tell by the lack of numbers on this site the overall feeling of apathy towards this program.

However, there's a night game against Boston College next week at 8 p.m.

People remember last year's BC game but generally forget that Drew Weatherford led the Noles to a victory over the Eagles on the road as a freshman.

  • Xavier Lee has been suspended for the next two games due to a violation of team rules. Some are guessing he skipped class, others are guessing he skipped a media session. Most of us feel like any chance the staff had of reeling Xavier in was gone last Monday. He is even farther away from being in the midst of things than he was last year. I'm guessing D'Vontrey Richardson would move into the backup role given he has actually seen the field this year.
  • Back-to-back solid efforts from the running game. Is it improving? Or did it feast on the two of the least-feared run defenses in the conference.
  • Note to Mickey Andrews: Don't play the prevent defense....AT ALL....EVER
  • Note to Preston Parker: You rule!
  • Glad to see Budd Thacker back on the field. I love that guy and I know one of his biggest fans reads the site.
How is everyone feeling about this game? I know enough from the Virginia Tech game that if FSU can get pressure on Matt Ryan, he'll have a tough time. Offensively I'm not confident, they can't get over the hump in the red zone and that needs to change.

Thoughts? Comments? Insults?