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The Day After: Les Miles Has Balls of Steel Edition...

...Les Miles just doesn't give a damn? Never one to knock the right decision (although Les went against the odds and spat on every coaching book ever created) but do you ever expect Bowden to go for it on that fourth & goal late in the game?

Me neither and with our running game, I can't blame him.

Nonetheless it makes this post that much more appropriate.

Meanwhile, it's a dark day if you're a football fan in L.A. as Stanford says PASHAW to a 39-point spread and those renegade UCLA fans will release the hounds on Karl Dorrell.

Actually they release the hounds on that guy after 28-point victories so why should a loss make any difference?

While Charlie Weis will justify his extension with a "respectable" 5-7 season (trust me, the Notre Dame spin machine will turn the 2007 Irish into the best 5-7 team EVER!), what has Bill Callahan done other than give up 40 points three times this season?

So Nebraska fires a coach who averaged over 10 wins per season to get Bill Callahan. Yep, that proves Nebraska people aren't as dumb as they look...they are dumber.

Anyway moving on to our game of choice.

-- The coaches are showing a lot of impatience with Antone Smith. The inside runs aren't there (at least without holding) but the outside is there and Antone is quick enough to get there.

-- Are Greg Carr and De'Cody Fagg playing harder with Xavier Lee? No they are playing better. Big difference.

-- I'm shocked Daniel Evans survived the second half, he got lit up...badly...and on several occasions.

-- Although they were shackled a bit in the first half by the front four's overaggressive play, the secondary played well overall. Guys like McClure and MRG were able to get big plays while Jamie and Patrick Robinson are both earning Andrews' trust.

Ok, now for the ACC!

No. 7 Boston College 55, Bowling Green 24: Okay the Eagles are 3/4ths of the way through "Patsy non-conference 2K7" as Notre Dame will try to provide the resistance that Army, UMass and Bowling Green couldn't. Play somebody B.C.! And no, Notre Dame isn't "somebody".

Maryland 28, GT 26: Remember when Georgia Tech was good? Now that Maryland game, the home finale which comes smack dab in the middle of "Hell month", looks more and more like a trap.

UNC 33, Miami 27: Yeah, now we know the "U" stands for underachievers. Kenny Phillips needs more motivation -- "When we first came out, everybody wasn't into it. Yeah, we wanted to win, but everybody wasn't feeling it." I'm sure Randy Shannon will make him "feel it" during practice.

Wake 41, Duke 36: And the Deacon's win the triangle's academic bowl once again. They were up 34-9 before Duke, led by its only real Division 1-A player -- Thaddeus Lewis, came storming back.

Va. Tech 41, Clemson 23: The Hokies averaged a point every 5.35 yards of offense as they "let Cullen Harper beat us" scheme is working more and more each week.

Virginia 23, Middle Tennessee State 21: The Cavaliers have taken the mantle as the most unimpressive 5-1 team in the nation. I'm not even giving them a Blogpoll vote.


No. 1 LSU 28, No. 9 Florida 24: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Now we know why Urban Meyer has never spent a third year at a program before -- his contract with satan expires :). Seriously, Les Miles = big ass sack of stones. Get used to the idea of the Outback Bowl.

No. 6 USF 35, Florida Atlantic 23: You are rooting for South Florida, just admit it. I'm rooting for them. It's hard not to root for these guys. Sure it could come at the expense of the Big 3 but who cares about two of them? Not I. I mean Ben Williams is like 5-foot-7 and he's a former walk on. Matt Grothe has a mohawk. Ben Moffitt has a wife and two kids. George Selvie was an all-state offensive center in high school? Talk about a team doing it with smoke and mirrors.