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Step Forward, Step Back...

...Terribly disappointing effort overall with the exception of a solid third quarter.

  • Does anyone know what to make of Weatherford? He suffered a concussion and he'll probably play next week, but is this what we're going to have to deal with for another season? It's hard to think of the B.C. victory as anything more than a fluke.
  • Antone Smith is probably done for the regular season and possibly the bowl game. We'll know on Monday.
  • Tony Carter is an interesting case study as he's went from the team's best cornerback to a major liability. He gets burned and then comes up injured. Hmmm, something tells me he'll play.
  • I have no clue why Christian Ponder played ahead of D'Vontrey Richardson despite every word I've heard from FSU telling me that Richardson was the "special" one. Now I'm sure we'll hear that he doesn't know the playbook like we heard about Xavier for the last four years.
  • Russell Ball, go play intramurals brother. I love to see him run in space but every time he gets hit he gets injured. It's horrible.
Add anything to like. I'm ready to hear some people vent.